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Vixperts has worked with many startups and investors over a number of years, helping them build, understand and justify their financial models, company valuations, due diligence, accounting processes, and tax returns. We have have helped our clients in Pakistan raise millions of dollars in investment!

Services We Offer

The perfect, all-in-one solution for any business. Have a vCFO at your service to:

Get your company's financials on track and build   financial models and dashboards;

Determine the valuation of your startup;

Prepare for investor due diligence and negotiate with investors on your company's behalf;

Discuss financial strategy and get advice on business decisions that make financial sense.

It's like having a real CFO at a fraction of the cost!

We understand that startups have lots of things to worry about their business and can't spare precious resources such as time & money to focus on their financials.


On the other hand, building a model is not only important in decision-making, it is a requirement of all investors.

Let our Virtual Experts take over and do this for you at a very low cost.


We will create a professional, detailed and customized financial model complete with all inputs relevant to your business, linked to projected income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets for the next five years.

Possibly the most important question any time you think of raising investment for your startup: "What's our valuation?"


Throughout your fundraising adventure, this question will be brought up by everyone you talk to. Having a clear, methodical and justifiable valuation is key to ensure you don't undersell or oversell your company, both of which could lead to problems in the future.

We have experts who have worked in the startup and venture capital ecosystem, specifically in Pakistan, and have developed methods and models to help you determine a valuation for your startup that can withstand investor analysis and scrutiny.

If you are an investor, we can help you as well!


Before you can think about raising investment for your startup, you'll have to get some things in order.

Most Venture Capital firms will go into great detail to make sure your company meets all the regulatory, financial and structural requirements before they decide to invest.

Having worked with startups as well as investors, our Experts have developed an understanding from both sides of the table, and are well equipped to help you make sure you are in good shape going into investor due diligence.

If you are an investor looking to carry out due diligence of a potential investee, we can help you as well!

“Excellent financial analytical and forecasting skills...Vixperts' financial modelling enabled us to raise our seed round of investment worth around $500,000. They would also frequently advise us on the various investment opportunities we would receive and also developed a strong company valuation. They are very calm and understanding and working with them has been a very pleasurable experience.”

Dr. Iffat Zafar

Co-Founder & COO, Sehat Kahani

Many startups, especially in Pakistan, often overlook the importance of keeping books in the proper manner.

Not only do they face issues managing their startup's finances, they run into further trouble at the time of filing taxes. Fines, penalties, and taxes the startup doesn't even know about can become the bane of its existence.

We at Vixperts identified this problem early on and now have a big pool of resources with Big 4 accounting experience to make sure your books are maintained properly and you know the financial position of your company at any given time. Our Experts will also guide you on tax law and help you file your returns hassle-free.

A time will come when you would want some order in your startup, especially if your team starts to grow.

It soon becomes impossible for you as the founder to keep micro-managing everything. But how do you ensure your employees will run your operations the way you want them to?

The answer is simple: Policy & Control. With extensive experience in internal audit, our Experts will help you develop policies for all aspects of your business, including payroll, procurement, accounting, human resource and treasury management.

Let us take care of the little things so that you can focus on the big picture.

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You contact us to discuss your business and what you're looking for

We run a free diagnosis of your company's financials

Together we formulate a plan for the services needed

We assign a Virtual Expert who works with you remotely, communicating through email, call and messaging


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